August 2 Site Launch

The big up-and-coming event, to which this site is dedicated, is the 40th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday September 27 (Rain day Sunday Sept 28, since most of the activities will be outside–announced on this website in case of seriously inclement weather). Family and friends from far and wide will be coming to Stone Mountain for a day of catching up on our lives, on what is happening at Stone Mountain–and for some sheer enjoyment.

This is an update to the schedule as we have now moved to the rain day (Sunday Sept 28)

Because we realize that the weather-changed date might represent an inconvenience for some people, we have come up with a compressed schedule to allow people an earlier evening on sunday, and the possibility of still having a full day with lots of activities and getting home in time to start your Monday schedule in reasonable time.  For the full schedule please click the 40th Anniversary button on this page

The day still starts at 10 AM with events pertaining to the Center for Symbolic Studies, or CSS (our 501 (c)(3) seminar center. This will include present and potential members of the CSS Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.  CSS meetings will adjourn at 12, and afternoon activities (weather permitting) begin at 12:30.  (In case of rain you may find yourself at a Joseph Campbell Roundtable or Dream Group.) Wine and cheese at 3PM and banquet at 4 PM allows us to move the “evening” events and performances up to 5:30 and a fairly good chance at concluding everything at about 8:30.  (We apologize in advance to those disadvantaged by the change of day.)  We still hope this will be a wonderful occasion for all, and full of lots of wonderful networking and creative exchange!  Please use the RSVP to tell us if there are any changes.

There are lots of other things on this website (still in construction phase), a gallery, a family page, pictures from around the farm (gallery) history, community activities, and what we are about. (Please also see our links to the Center For Symbolic Studies and Stone Mountain Counseling.) There is also a blog section, and information about how you can contribute to this site, or let us know what you would like to contribute to the 40th celebration (see RSVP).

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Looking forward to this. It will be nice to have so many like minds together again at a single gathering.


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